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Prairie Orthopaedic & Plastic Surgery, PC

Prairie Orthopaedic & Plastic Surgery

At Prairie Orthopaedic & Plastic Surgery, PC. we strive for excellence! Our rehabilitative strategies are customized to meet your specific needs and offer you the most advanced treatment options for recovery of maximum mobility, strength, and return of function.

Our team knows how busy you are, so we are dedicated to treating you in a timely manner, but we also take the time needed to provide quality care and ensure that you are properly educated about your treatment options. We look forward to providing you orthopaedic excellence for the upper and lower extremity.

How we started

In April of 2007, after several years of working in group orthopaedic practices, Dr. Patrick Hurlbut formed Prairie Orthopaedic & Plastic Surgery, PC (formerly known as Prairie Shoulder Elbow and Hand Center, PC), as a solo practitioner. His goal, and long held desire was to focus primarily on the treatment of upper extremity conditions.

"My passion for the field of upper extremity orthopaedic surgery began as early as my first week of medical school where I was intrigued by the intricacy of the hand in anatomy lab," said Dr. Hurlbut. "That passion has grown substantially over the years to include other problems of the upper extremity including the elbow, arm and shoulder and I have focused my educational efforts on bringing the most up-to-date treatment and techniques to Lincoln, NE. I continue to enjoy all aspects of orthopaedic care but I especially like the challenges of treating complicated shoulder problems."

Dr. Hurlbut diligently works to provide quality, caring treatment for his patients by continuing his study in the field of orthopaedic surgery. He has assembled a team of highly skilled professionals that are just as dedicated to the practice. In 2012, Dr. Gustavo Machado, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, joined Prairie. In 2014, Dr. Krejci-Reed a board-certified podiatric surgeon, joined the practice. She provides further sub-specialization in treating the lower extremity. Dr. Matthew Byington, a sports medicine trained orthopaedic surgeon, joined us in 2017. Most recently, Dr. Tanner Dodson, a Board Qualified practicing Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, joined the practice in the fall of 2021.

Luckily, not every condition requires surgical treatment. Those patients may still benefit from a consultation with one of our providers or our experienced physical therapists.