Breast Lifts

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A breast lift removes excess skin and tightens the tissue of the breast to raise, reshape, and contour the breast. A breast lift can give your figure a more youthful, uplifted look. There are a variety of reasons why women look into getting breast lifts including, loss of elasticity due to, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, gravity, and hereditary reasons. A breast lift will not drastically increase the fullness of your breasts. If you would like to increase the fullness of your breasts, consider a breast augmentation along with your breast lift.

Breast lifts can be performed as outpatient procedures under general anesthesia. Depending on your skin laxity, volume of breast tissue, and desired outcome, a custom procedure will be tailored to lift and firm your breasts. All breast lifts require external incisions – while some scars will remain, patients find that the improved breast shape is well worth the tradeoff.