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Preventing Knee Pain
Preventing Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Rethink the Runner’s Stretch

The Runner’s Stretch is one of the most common stretches we do before exercise. The Runner’s Stretch is where you pull your foot back to your butt to stretch your thigh. While this stretch does stretch your thigh, it can actually jam your kneecap and cause pain in your knee.

Keep your weight down

Excess weight can put undue stress onto your knees. After all, your knees are joints, and carrying excess weight puts more wear and tear on them. Maintaining a healthy diet and weight is one of the best ways to improve you knee health.


Exercise should leave you feeling a little sore, but it should not hurt you. If exercise is leaving you in pain, then something is probably wrong. If running is leaving you in pain, consider switching to a low impact exercise like swimming or yoga. Limiting the impact on your knees can allow you to work out without the pain.

Eat right

Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. When it comes to your knee health, watch out for foods that cause inflammation. Cut out foods that upset your stomach or gives you acid reflux, that’s your body’s way of alerting you. See if cutting out certain foods relieves your knee pain. Focus on foods that are rich in calcium and vitamins.

If you are experiencing chronic knee pain and would like to consult with one of our physicians, contact us today.