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Health Goals For a Brand New Year
Health Goals For a Brand New Year

  1. LOSING WEIGHT – The resolution to trim down is hands down one of the most popular goals out there. Unfortunately, it’s also one that is given up on quite a bit, too. One of the biggest obstacles is vague milestones and expecting overnight success. To combat this, set very specific mini-goals – for instance, instead of just “lose weight”, how about “lose 10 pounds by March 1st”? That way you’ve got tangible, achievable, trackable numbers that you can work with. Other items, like keeping food and exercise journals or having an accountability partner, are all great additions to staying on track. And, remember – whatever weight you’re trying to lose wasn’t gained overnight, which means that it’s not going to be lost instantly either.
  2. STOP SMOKING – There is no one “right” way to stop smoking, which is why it can be so hard for people to do. But, your lungs AND your pocketbook will thank you for it, so it’s a goal worth achieving! If you’ve had friends who have been successful in their quest to stop smoking, talk with them to see what worked – and didn’t work – during their journey.
  3. REDUCE YOUR ALCOHOL INTAKE – This is an often made – and broken – resolution. Heavy drinking not only increases your risk of heart and liver disease, but also for hypertension (high blood pressure), depression, and various forms of cancer. Moderate alcohol intake is typically just fine (assuming it’s OK’d with your physician(s)), meaning that a glass or two of wine once in awhile should be A-OK.
  4. GET MORE SLEEP – Getting a good night of rest – or, better yet, lots of consecutive nights of decent sleep – can do wonders for both our physical and emotional health. So, get to bed at a decent time and, if the occasion arises, take a nap. Doctors orders!
  5. REDUCE STRESS – Chronic stress ups our chances of developing (or worsening) things like obesity, heart disease, depression, and insomnia, to name just a few. While some stress in life is inevitable, it shouldn’t overwhelm your life. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your stress, meditation and exercise are both great stress relievers.