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Easy Ways to Get Your Steps in Each Day
Easy Ways to Get Your Steps in Each Day

If you have a way to track your steps each day with a fitness tracker, you may have become a little obsessed with meeting your goals. Also, those days you forget to wear your fitness tracker might leave you with some anxiety, not knowing if you are close to meeting your mark. Fortunately, there are some creative and easy ways to get your steps in each day, as long as you remember to wear your tracker.

Easy Ways to Get Your Steps in Each Day

Timing Is Everything

Plan on doing your workout right away in the morning rather than waiting until the end of the day when you might convince yourself you can skip it. By doing so, you set the stage for your motivation level for the day. Also, it is validating to see those steps all add up before you even begin your day.

Work in opportunities to sneak short walks during the day. For instance, if you have to pick your child up from school or practice, plan to park and take a walk for a few minutes rather than waiting in a line sitting in your car.

Be Strategic

Instead of looking for a prime parking spot near the door of the shop, park far away in the back. You can use this opportunity as one of your easy ways to get your steps in each day. If you are out running errands, you will notice all those walks across the parking lots adding up to exceed your goal. Also, you are going to have an easy time finding your car again in the back.

Also, if you find yourself at the mall, channel your inner mall walker and take a lap before you begin your shopping. Malls tend to cover a lot of ground, and you might be surprised how many steps you get in.

If you are at work, you can make a point of using a bathroom that is farther away than the one you might usually use. Better yet, pick a bathroom on a different floor if you are able. Take the stairs to make the journey even more rewarding to your overall health.

If you are lucky enough to have stairs in your building, set yourself a reminder to get out of your chair, and find a reason to use them. For instance, instead of taking the elevator to a different floor to drop the mail, use the stairs.

Also, for those who take public transportation, get off earlier than your intended stop so you can walk the rest of the way.

Lastly, if you have a dog, let them help you get your steps in by committing to taking them on more walks. Your health and dog will appreciate it.

Make It a Point to Stand

Standing alone burns way more calories than sitting. If you find opportunities to stand, you are more likely to walk around. One way you can encourage standing is by setting up your computer at a standing desk. Also, if you are on the phone a lot, talk while walking around rather than sitting.

Make It a Team Effort

Get your friends and family involved. If you have a standing commitment for an evening walk with a family member or a neighbor, you are held accountable by more than just you. Also, instead of sitting down at lunch, plan to include a walk with a co-worker if you are lucky enough to have a long enough lunch break.

Another way to get your steps in is with a little friendly competition. Pair up with someone to see who can get the most steps in a day or week. Another idea is to focus on who can meet their step goal first each day.

Here at Prairie Orthopedic, we know finding creative and easy ways to get your steps in, whether it be alone or with family and friends, is the best way to have fun while working out each day. If you need assistance in mobility or having pain in the knees or feet while walking, feel free to give us a call!