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Don’t Let Frown Lines Get You Down!
Don’t Let Frown Lines Get You Down!

Frown lines. Furrow lines. The elevens.

Regardless of what you opt to call those pesky lines and grooves that appear between your eyebrows, if you’ve got them you probably loathe them. Why? Because they can make you look weary. Or angry. Or like someone who needs to constantly be asked, “What’s wrong” ALL. THE. TIME.

And no one wants that, right?

On the flip side, what can you do about them? If the answer of “live with them” just doesn’t sit all that well with you, we’ve got another answer that you’ll probably like better…

…Dysport them!

So, what, exactly, is Dysport? Well, Dysport is a prescription injection that works to smooth the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines without changing the look (or movement!) of the rest of your face. Untreated muscles will still work normally meaning that you WON’T ever have to worry about “frozen face”! Dysport injections provide a beautifully natural result that only makes those pesky lines between your eyebrows disappear, leaving you looking younger, more refreshed…and less frown-y!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Here’s how it works…

Wrinkles are caused by repeated movements and muscle contractions, meaning they can develop at any time, regardless of age (yikes, right?!?). Dysport is used to reduce activity in specific muscles…like the muscles that cause the frown lines to appear between your eyebrows. The treatment itself is pretty darn simple and involves five tiny injections into specific points between and above the eyebrow area. The targeting of these five areas works to prevent the muscle contractions that cause frown lines…and that’s it! The rest of your face isn’t affected at all, which you won’t have to worry about the dreaded “frozen face” syndrome that seems to affect so many Hollywood starlets these days!

So…how long does it take, and how long does it last??? The effects of those five tiny Dysport injections will last for up to four months. The injections themselves take less than 20 minutes to administer in the office AND patients start seeing improvement in just 2 to 3 days! Plus, there’s virtually no downtime whatsoever following treatment, which means you can get on with your day in less than an hour.So, if frown lines have got you down (or seem to be making everyone around you always think that you’re down), then Dysport may very well be for you. If you’re interested in learning more, give Prairie Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgery a call today to schedule your private consultation.