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3 Sports You Didn’t Realize Were Dangerous
3 Sports You Didn’t Realize Were Dangerous


Cheerleading seems like a safe sport for kids and adults alike. What could be safer than rooting the home team onto victory? In reality, cheerleading is among one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Cheerleaders often attempt dangerous stunts such as backflips and tosses. If something goes wrong, cheerleaders can break bones and suffer from concussions.

3 Sports You Didn’t Realize Were Dangerous

Also, cheerleaders often try new moves before they are ready. They use poor form or attempt something that is outside of their skill level and get injured.

Cheerleaders should never attempt a new stunt before they are ready. They also need to make sure that the rest of the team can keep them safe. Attempting to fly through the air when someone isn’t skilled enough to catch you could land you in the emergency room.


It’s hard to believe that America’s pastime is one of the most dangerous sports, but it is true. People of all ages can experience serious injuries when playing this beloved sport.

Arm injuries are on the rise for children and young adults, especially pitchers. Children are at significant risk for pitching-related injuries since young arms cannot handle the stress created by the pitching motion. This has led to an increase in Tommy John surgery for young athletes. Countless adults also find themselves in the operating room after suffering a pitching-related arm injury. In fact, this surgery is becoming increasingly common for professional athletes.

People are also at risk for strains, sprains, and joint injuries when playing baseball. Athletes often go from squatting or standing to twisting and turning, leading to injuries.

Concussions are also a serious issue for baseball players, especially catchers. Catchers wear protective gear behind the plate, but batted balls can still cause head injuries. Many professional catchers have suffered numerous concussions from the impact of batted balls against face masks.

Also, baseball players have to deal with getting hit by pitched balls. Pitches seem to get faster and faster each year and getting hit by a ball can lead to contusions, broken bones, and more.

This doesn’t mean you should stop playing this popular sport, but it’s critical to take proper precautions to avoid injuries.


Parents often put little kids on a soccer team to increase their activity levels and teach them how to be part of a team. Soccer is lots of fun and a great way to get in shape. It can also be dangerous, though. Soccer is incredibly intense, and that intensity can lead to ankle sprains, strains, and breaks. Soccer players are also at risk for knee injuries, such as kneecap bursitis and meniscal tears.

Most alarmingly, soccer players suffer from lots of concussions. Players often use poor techniques when heading the ball or hit others when going for a head shot, leading to concussions. Still, others get hit in the head by balls they didn’t see. Awareness and proper technique are necessary to prevent concussions.

stay safe on the field

There are countless benefits to playing sports, such as staying in shape and working with a team. To enjoy the benefits, you need to stay free of injuries. Avoid playing dangerous positions on the field, wear proper gear, and always use the right form and technique. Also, if you do suffer a sports injury, get treatment soon so your body can heal.