June 12, 2019
Senior Man Doing Press Ups In Gym

Encourage Discussions About Pain

Some children are just built tough and will try and push through any pain they feel while out on the field. Unfortunately, this minor problem can become more serious if it’s not treated with early intervention. So encourage athletes to talk to someone if they are in pain or if something doesn’t feel right in their bodies.

Make Sure to Get a Physical

Back-to-school physicals are good for determining if kids have any problems that would prevent them from participating. Sports physicals can look into any areas of concern. This can keep athletes from injuring themselves more while playing if there is something wrong that needs treatment. Early prevention can be just as important as treatment.

Encourage Warm Up Stretches

Before starting any sport or physical activity, it is important for an athlete to warm up.  Stretching is one way to prevent injuries and should become a habit. There are both dynamic and static stretches that can be performed to loosen the muscles and prepare a body for the upcoming exercise. Toe touches are an example of a static stretch, whereas jumping jacks are considered dynamic. It is important to include both of them in any warm up.

Encourage Rest

Some of the most normal types of injuries in athletes are overuse injuries. This means they are playing too many sports and not getting enough rest in between. They should be resting between their practices, their events, and their games. You should also encourage an off-season time for your child. This will give him or her some time to recuperate before returning to the sport for the next season.

Provide a Well-balanced Diet

Plan to eat your meals around the same time each day to help your athlete maintain a regular dieting schedule. This is especially important for sports that have anything to do with a child’s weight. You want to encourage safe eating habits as well. Kids need a well-balanced diet that includes lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits.

Make Sure They’re Hydrated

Athletes have a real concern when it comes to illness induced by heat, especially during the hot and potentially humid days of spring and summer. Always make sure your kids are drinking enough water before, during, and after they play. Keep an eye out for any symptoms of heat-related problems, like confusion, vomiting, and fatigue.

Encourage Proper Techniques

Just like in many things, there is a right and wrong way of doing sports activities. It is important that athletes understand the proper techniques behind the sport they choose to play. In baseball, players should know how to throw to avoid shoulder injuries. Football players should know how to tackle opponents to avoid concussions. Encourage your children to follow the guidelines of their chosen sport.

Even if you follow all of these tips, there’s still a chance your young athletes could get injured. If you notice a difference in their usual play styles, such as a limp or a different throw, pull them aside and find out what the problem is. Ignoring an injury can cause it to become more severe and need more complex help. 

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