Common Sports Related Injuries of the Hand and Wrist

Wrist Sprains – Wrist sprains are a common injury that seems to affect those who participate in volleyball, tennis, and hockey at a somewhat higher rate. These sports involve excessive usage of the hands, which means that the wrists are always exposed to injuries. A wrist sprain occurs when a ligament is torn or stretched, and frequently occurs by falling over the wrist, or twisting it abnormally while playing a sport.

Wrist Fractures – Due to the high intensity and amount of physicality required for sports like volleyball, football, hockey, and basketball, fractures of the hand and wrist are relatively common. Not unlike wrist sprains, wrist fractures can be caused by falling on the wrist, twisting it abnormally, or being struck by a forceful object. Similarly, hand fractures are caused by applying extreme force to joints and ligaments of the hand. This especially happens in the joints that keep the fingers and webbing attached.

ECU Tendonitis – ECU tendonitis, also known as the “extensor carpal ulnar tendinitis”, is common in sports where the wrists are utilized more than other muscles. For example, in sports like basketball, volleyball, baseball and other sports which involve heavy use of the wrist. The particular type of tendonitis affects the tendon located at the backside of your wrist.

Baseball Finger – Baseball finger is a finger deformity that is caused by damage in the extensor tendon of the thumb and, even though it has “baseball” in its name, it can occur to anyone. This injury is caused by an external force (like a ball) striking the thumb at a high rate of speed – when that happens, the extensor tendon is likely to break and dislocate. If the force exerted is excessively high, it may even damage the finger bone. Once damaged, the finger cannot be straightened easily.

Jersey Finger – Jersey finger is another common sports-related injury that affects the flexor tendons of the fingers. This injury was named after the way football players pull on their opponent’s jerseys – when a player tries to grab the jersey of another player in motion, he exposes his tendons to a risk of breakage. This particular condition is characterized by swelling and mild pain in the fingers, and may result in a finger fracture.

No athlete ever wants to be sidelined because of an injury. If a hand and/or wrist injury is something that you’re dealing with, give us a call! The physicians here at Prairie Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgery, PC specialize in dealing with hand and wrist injuries, making them Lincoln’s number one choice for orthopaedic care of the upper extremity.


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